What can rosemary do for you?

Rosemary has been hailed as a healing herb for many centuries. Most of us know rosemary as a seasoning only the daring of heart use but it can do a lot more than simply make our food taste good. How can rosemary benefit you right now? I'm happy you asked, class is in session! 

How does a rosemary massage oil candle help me?

  1. Stimulates hair growth- A common type of hair loss that affects both men and women is androgenetic alopecia, aka male pattern baldness. This is caused by a testosterone byproduct destroying your hair follicles. Rosemary may prevent this internal attack
  2. Rosemary may improve brain functions- Inhaling rosemary helps stop the breakdown of acetylcholine which is know as the chemical for memory, thinking and concentration
  3. May reduce inflammation- Much research suggests that rosemary oil may reduce tissue inflammation. This happens due to rosemary changing the migration of white blood cells to injured tissues to release inflammatory chemicals
  4. Aids in mental focus- Inhaling rosemary increases our alertness, mood and energy; it is often used for mental strain and fatigue
  5. Lessens stress- Since nearly the beginning of time rosemary has been used to reduce anxiety. Also, rosemary has been proven to reduce cortisol which is commonly known as the stress hormone
  6. Repeals certain bugs- Rosemary is so effective at repealing certain insects that its used as a natural pesticide. The oil repeals some blood sucking insects such as ticks and mosquitos
  7. Relieves pain- Rosemary was often used in folk medicine as a pain reliever. Many studies have concluded that rosemary is more tolerable and effective for pain than acetaminophen
  8. Increases circulation- Poor circulation is often noticed in our hands and feet first. If you've had cold fingers and toes in even hot environments, rosemary may waiting for you

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