Health Benefits of Candles

Candles, candles and more candles! We all love candles, but why? Is there some inherent blessings that come with owning and using your very own candle? Lets explore!

What are the benefits of candles and why do we love them?

The health benefits of using natural soy candles is vast. Burning candles induces a sense of calmness that we could use in our daily lives. Many candles are made with essential oil with gives them a variety of other benefits. For example, scents like rosemary lessens stress and lavender chamomile induces sleep. In addition, having a candle made with natural soy wax means that you have a clean burning vegan candle.

We love candles for a variety of reasons. Depending on your purpose at the moment, we have countless reasons for using candles. For some it may serve as home decor and for others its much needed aromatherapy after a long day. Candles are the go to holiday gift and they are equally used for romance and celebrations. Candles serve a purpose for everyone and anyone!

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